design and delivery of automatized units



Independently or as a part of final product we provide documentation processing of constructions on all steps, from elaboration of studies, investment plans, documentations for issuing of the zoning decisions or a building permit, tender documents for public procurement, to implementation of construction documentation and documentation of the final product. Integral part of the work of projection group is the elaboration of operating regulations or instructions manual.

In accordance with the building law we provide documentation discussions with the administrators of engineering networks and with persons or organisations in order to obtain agreement on the proposed solution.

We provide our own projection department for the projects of Electronics, MaR and rojects SŘTP with assistance of authorized engineers. Documentation of other professions is provided with the support of cooperating companies in a role of a general building designer.

Projects are developed in electronic form using softwares EPLAN, AUTOCAD, WORD, EXCEL. We are equipped with our own reprographic technology.