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Heat and air-conditioning section

Project documentation of electrical, instrumentation and control systems, mechanical parts and participation in the construction and reconstruction of boiler rooms, heat sources and ventilation equipment for industrial enterprises, hospitals, medical facilities, schools, social service facilities, civic amenities, housing communities and state administration .


  • Siemens, s.r.o., branch of Elektromotory Mohelnice - Reconstruction of heat management, gasification of production plant, utilization of waste heat from compressors
  • Lázně Darkov - Reconstruction of heat management and heat source management, including the construction of an energy control center
  • Bonatrans Group Bohumín - ÚT halls S13 of central warehouse.
  • Veolia Krnov - reconstruction of heat transfer stations, modernization of the MaR system
  • TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s., Válcovna Trub - Use of waste heat from the carousel furnace
  • ARMATURY Group a.s. Dolní Benešov - Heating regulation of production halls
  • Jeseník Hospital - Modernization of the heating system
  • Center of social services Hrabyně (rehabilitation institute) - reconstruction of heat management, including construction of heat dispatching
  • Befra electronic s.r.o., Horní Suchá - building gasification, regulation of building boiler rooms, connection of air-conditioning units
  • Municipal Police Ostrava, Třebovice office - Reconstruction of heat source
  • RPG building, Ostrava, Nádražní Street- Heat and cold source
  • Hotel Harmony Club Ostrava - Reconstruction of heat exchanger station
  • Darkov Mine - Modernization of thermal energy control system
  • Hotel Imperial Ostrava - Repair of the heat exchanger station
  • Darkov Mine, Lazy Mine - Heating of draft winds
  • Hospital Frýdek-Místek - Modernization of heat management
  • TESCO Ostrava Hrabová - Heat exchanger station, radio data transmission to control room
  • Darkov Mine - Reconstruction of heat management
  • ČEZ Aréna Ostrava - reconstruction of heat management
  • Reconstruction of SmP building - Boiler room and HVAC
  • Biocel Paskov - Heat exchanger station control incl. central dispatching
  • Rehabilitation center Hrabyně - Reconstruction of air conditioning
  • Hospital Valašské Meziříčí - Boiler room control and air-conditioning of operating theaters incl. energy dispatching
  • Ostrava printers - Reconstruction of heat exchanger station incl. central dispatching
  • Hospital Vsetín - Boiler room control and air-conditioning of operating theaters incl. energy dispatching
  • Exchanger stations MCHZ Ostrava - Exchanger station control incl. energy dispatching
  • Reconstruction of local heat exchanger stations - dozens of other realized business cases
  • Reconstruction of transfer stations - dozens of other business cases
  • Reconstruction and implementation of gas boiler rooms - dozens of other business cases