design and delivery of automatized units


Metallurgical and engineering operations

As part of the modernization of technological processes in metallurgical production, steel mills and related engineering operations, we mainly provide supplies of electrical equipment, measurement and reguation, control systems for off-furnace steel refining equipment and rolling mill operations and rolling mill treatment plants.

Significant orders in our history were deliveries within the construction of new vacuum stations and secondary metallurgy equipment for EVRAZ VÍTKOVICE STEEL or Huta Czestochowa steelworks in Poland and deployment of an extensive distributed control system within EVRAZ VÍTKOVICE STEEL for the 3.5 KVARTO sheet mill. , done together with the reconstruction of control cabins and power substations.

We have also participated in the construction of continuous steel casting and secondary metallurgy facilities at Arcellor Mittal Ostrava and we have been cooperating with VÚHŽ a.s. Dobrá, for which we supply software for industrial wire feeders and filled profiles and argon blowing equipment for steel for domestic and foreign steel operations.

Orders realized according to our projects and using our elaborated control programs can be also seen in Třinecké železárny a.s. or Železárny Podbrezová.