design and delivery of automatized units


Other references

Here are the less common or otherwise interesting realized orders that we have encountered in our activities:


  • Nitrogen production plant, for the ČSM Jih mine and for the TU VŠB Ostrava workplace
  • Slurry storage and pumping stations at livestock farms in Návsí u Jablunkova and Sázava
  • Nitrogen fertilizer warehouses Dobré Miasto and Czluchow in Poland
  • Nestle Holešov - tasting and coloring station of candy production line
  • Installation of rain gauges with long-distance transmission as part of the monitoring of the sewerage network in Ostrava
  • Oncology, University Hospital Ostrava - Gamma Knife - project documentation
  • Fishing facility Sedlnice
  • Nová Karolina - Communication networks for heat and cold technology
  • Reconstruction of the Ostrava House of Culture
  • Pumping station for skid simulator Safe driving center - AQUAVANA
  • Model of biogas plant - remote monitoring
  • Synchronization of the fountain with the chimes production on Masaryk Square in Ostrava
  • Biomass feed mixing equipment for biogas stations Klokočov, Bílovec, Pustějov
  • Retractable bollards in the pedestrian zone in the center of Ostrava
  • Underground collector Centrum in Ostrava - measuring and signaling equipment
  • Feeder for agricultural farm in Ukraine
  • Pilsner Urquell Brewery - heating of drinking and treated water pipes
  • Model of digester tank for research purposes of SmVaK Ostrava a.s.