design and delivery of automatized units


References in water resources and water treatment plants

We carried out project documentation of electrical, instrumentation, control and control systems and machinery parts and we participated in the realization of reconstructions, intensification and modernization of springs and drinking water treatment plants in the following locations:

Ostravské vodárny a kanalizace a.s.

  • Spring Dubí
  • Spring Nová Ves
  • Water source Bělský Les
  • Water source Palesek
  • Water source Pešatek
  • Water source Důlňák
  • Water source Ještěrka 1 and 2
  • Water treatment Nová Ves Ostrava

Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace Ostrava a.s

  • Water treatment Podhradí
  • Water treatment Vyšní Lhoty


Plzeňský Prazdroj, a. s.

  • Water treatment in Pivovar Prazdroj
  • Water source for Velké Popovice brewery
  • Wells near the river Morávka for Radegast brewery