design and delivery of automatized units


Selected references

Project documentation of parts of electrical, MaR and SŘTP and participation in realizations within the construction of new gas plants or in reconstruction of existing regulation and transfer stations of gas, gas management of waste water treatment plants and biogas stations.


  • Gas control station Plzeňský Prazdroj
  • Biogas station Piaszcyna (Poland)
  • Gas distribution station Kladno 7
  • Ultzama Biogas Station (Spain)
  • Gas reduction station Ruská - Mokrý Háj
  • Gas transfer and control stations for the industrial zone Nošovice
  • Darkov Mine - installation of cogeneration unit
  • Lazy Mine - installation of cogeneration unit
  • Cogeneration units at CWWTP Ostrava
  • Cogeneration unit at WWTP Český Těšín
  • Reconstruction of gas tank and cogeneration unit at WWTP Nový Jičín
  • CHP unit at WWTP Třinec
  • Dispatching system SmP a.s.
  • Cogeneration unit within the reconstruction of WWTP Orlová
  • Reconstruction of the Děhylov II gas transfer station
  • Reconstruction of gas management WWTP Opava
  • Reconstruction of the Štramberk underground gas storage station